Sorting by Sexual Orientation

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I realize that the overwhelming majority of users on this site are straight men. Fine. But, I am a gay man and this site advertises on gay sites. However, I am inundated by chats, emails from women asking me if I'm interested in them. At the top of my profile, I state quite clearly that I am gay and women should not bother to contact me. But, judging by the number of women who do message me, no one is reading it. I respect, when I see on a male's profile that he is straight, I believe him. And, I will wager that if I contacted the straight men with the same vigor as these women are contacting me, I would be blocked for abusing the website and harassing members. And this may be a separate issue, but why can I only 'ignore' a member. Because that doesn't prevent them from emailing me and 'chatting' with me. Opening up numerous windows that I would rather not see. I have enclosed a screenshot to illustrate what I mean.

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Comments: 1

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